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Google mail, chat rooms

This functionality used to be called Google Chats, but it was discontinued in 2017.
One of the most popular features is Gmail Chat.
Then type in the email address of the person you wish to chat.It might be hidden inside the "More" menu, so be sure to expand that menu if real ejendomsmægler sex video you don't immediately see.youll see a little chat space, which will say No recent chats with a link saying, Start a new one.To create a group hangout (which is Googles name for a video call between more than two people click on the person icon.This is your privacy settings where you can block contacts, delete conversations and turn off notifications.Go to the, labs tab at the top of the "Settings" page.At this point, you can read conversations, but you can't participate in the discussion or receive notifications.You can even add a status, but bear in mind this is public and will be available to all your contacts on Google Chat.Enable option on the right.To find a room youre invited to join, click.Open the conversation you started.Finally, to edit the settings of Google Chat click on the cog wheel.You can now chat to more than one person on a call.After joining, you can participate in a discussion, receive notifications, and see the room in your room list.There is, however, still a way to access chats from Gmail, and it works by connecting directly.
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These are used to access Google Hangout chats in Gmail.

The other way to chat in Gmail without enabling the "Right-side chat" Google Lab is to start the conversation in Google Hangouts and then return to Gmail's "Chats" window: Open Google Hangouts and start the message there.You can even personalise your message by sending emojis, pictures or drawing an image.As well as text instant messaging, its also possible to live chat via video.Click, join if you decide to join the room.Note: You can add up to 8,000 people to a room.When you edit your settings you will see this small window.

Chatting in Gmail provides a clutterless area to write back and forth in a snappy little chat box without ever leaving your email.
Type the name, email address, or phone number of the person you want to chat with, and then select it when you see the entry in the list.