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Opinions related to the FOO and violence in childhood and violence against woman for corrective purposes.
Unfortunately, the last national study in Romania that included domestic violence was conducted in 2004.
Comparing data on domestic violence among gratis chat rooms til android countries is also difficult owing to cultural differences and perceptions of the concept of abuse from one country to another.In the present study, the fact that the violence suffered and reported by women correlated with that perpetrated and reported by men suggests that the responses given in the questionnaire could be honest and accurate.Using items from the Maudsley Violence Questionnaire 25 to measure perceptions relating to violent behaviour, this study made the following findings.Women who were victims of violence during childhood tended to appear in the reactive cluster.The prevalence of physical and sexual abuse against women in this Romanian sample was about half the average psychological and sexual abuse during a couples lifespan in 15 sites in Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia, Japan, Peru, Namibia, Samoa, Serbia and Montenegro, Tanzania, and Thailand.
In the present study, controlling behaviour or emotional, physical, or sexual abuse against women by the partner was expressed as having occurred at least once in more than half of the cases.

The proportion of both emotional (psychological) abuse and physical abuse was on average over two-fold higher among respondents who lived in rural areas and those with a low level of education.In the present study, the rates were approximately 19 higher.Another explanation for positive feelings towards the FOO among those who were beaten in the family could be the following.High levels of psychological abuse have also been recorded in other studies 46,.In the entire sample, during childhood and adolescence in the FOO, more than a quarter of the subjects had seen or heard their parents striking each other, and more than half had been beaten by their parents or other family members.Work on violent thinking and reducing machismo thinking could be a useful adjunct in anger management with violent offenders.In rural areas, there was a higher proportion of witnesses among subjects with a low education level; in both urban and rural areas, a greater percentage of the victims of family violence were boys in the FOO.
This indicates the need to develop sensitive interventions for psychological abuse as well as for physical abuse, which receives greater attention since it tends to be considered out in the open.
In Romania, using beatings as a form of corrective behaviour and the projection of personal deficiencies and frustrations into violence towards children remain a serious problem; in such cases, the intervention required is of a psychological-educational nature.