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MySpace and, fame into a music entertainment career.Just like the chatroom this forum is an easy place to score some lulz as it is full of camwhoring niggers and little kids bragging about the size of their dick.Obviously Michael Jackson is more important to them than finding out who their babies daddy or momma.Hey check out my beats on myspace!WatermelonsFried Chicken Soulja Boy Tellem Chat is part of a series of topics related to Black People.
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Also, discuss your trolling plans with fellow Anons, the retards don't suspect a thing!Due to more raids, the Moderators at Soulja Boy Tellem now have to approve your account.Troll legend of the forum, Tupac Shakur made a thread about his boy getting killed by some Horde niggas outside Soutshore.Because this site serves as a microcosmos for the entire black internet population, speech patterns of the internet nigger become glaringly apparent.Within minutes the internet hate machine fired up and Anonymous raided the shit out of Soulja boys personal site.The original instructional video has been taken off, but a number of reuploads are still available.There is also a group section which contains groups about anti racism and Obama.Various Examples, significant search volume for "Crank That" began in April of 2007, the month following the song's recording.Meme, status, confirmed, year 2007, origin,, tags rap, catchphrase, celebrity,, hip hop, soldier boy, album.Soulja Boy also has a new site complete with chatroom at m, this one doesn't need mod approval.
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