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In December fighting between government and rebel forces in South Darfur and in Dar al-Salaam and Shangil Tobaya displaced tens of thousands.
In early November niss officers arrested Jaafar al-Sabki, a Darfur reporter for the independent daily al-Sahafa on allegations that he passed reports on Darfur to an unnamed organization.On October 9, during a UN Security Council visit to the country, police arrested at least 75 Southern Sudanese General Student Union members.On January 10, two civilians were reportedly killed when the local population clashed with Chadian rebels who had looted in Um Kary Village.On September 3-4, violence again erupted in Hamidiya IDP Camp between pro- and anti-Doha factions, leading to the deaths of seven IDPs in the camp and injuries to approximately.Other Conflict-related Abuses All parties to the conflict obstructed the work of humanitarian organizations and unamid, caused the displacement of civilians, and abused IDPs.The North stated that the Misseriya, who migrate through Abyei from the North, should be eligible to participate, while the South rejected their inclusion.It does not address discrimination based on disability.Violence, including spousal abuse, against women was common, although there were no reliable statistics on its prevalence.Many victims in the North did not report their cases either to family or authorities for fear they would be punished or arrested for "illegal pregnancy" or for adultery (see section.d.).Persons arrested during this period reportedly included Abdelrahman Mohammed Al Gasim, Dirar Adam Dirar, Abdelrahman Adam Abdelrahman, Manal Mohammed Adam, Aziza Ali Idriss, Aisha Sardo Sherif, Abu Gasim Al Din, and Zakaria Yacoub.A few days later the spla began withdrawing these troops.Societal discrimination against homosexual persons was widespread both in the North and the South.Women held five of 46 seats in the Council of States.The splm candidate for president of Sudan, Yasir Arman, withdrew from the race just ahead of the polling.Gunmen in Darfur abducted humanitarian workers and unamid personnel; this included criminal kidnapping for ransom (see section.g).

Protection of Refugees The country's laws provide for the granting of asylum or refugee status, but the government has not established a system for providing protection to refugees.Role of the Police and Security Apparatus Several government entities have responsibility for internal security, including the police, the niss, the Ministry of Interior, and the Ministry of Defense; all had active security forces.That same day authorities arrested journalists with the PCP-affiliated newspaper Rai al-Shaab (see section.a.).Not everyone knows they are suffering, she says.On November 12, 24, and 25, the SAF bombed locations along the Northern Bahr El Ghazal border with Southern Darfur, while reportedly targeting JEM forces.In the South there were no restrictions on access alba-teen live porno to the Internet or reports that the goss monitored e-mail or Internet chat rooms.The courts provide access for those seeking to bring lawsuits to address human rights violations and damages.South According to the UN, approximately two million IDPs and 350,000 refugees have returned to the South since 2005.The protesters had assembled to submit a letter of protest to the governor of North Darfur.
Because the courts are chronically underfunded, there was ample room for corruption in the court system, and there were numerous reports of bribery involving judges and other court officials.